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  • A Game Project: Brickoku
    For years I’ve been thinking about memory-efficient ways to represent Lego-models created with 2×2 bricks. This started all the way back in 2002-2003 when we discussed with my former colleague Teemu Pakarinen ways to generate all possible Lego models for a given set of bricks. During Spring 2012 I worked out together with my brother-in-law […]

  • Overview 2012
    It’s been a while since I last wrote to my blog, so here’s an overview of what has happened during 2012. Blender 3D During 2012 I’ve gradually stepped down of many of my Blender 3D development and maintenance tasks. I used to run the build-bots for MingW64 and MSVC, but they were moved to the […]

  • Upcoming: Blender Conference 2011, work and old news
    In a few weeks the 10th Blender Conference will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A great programme is awaiting all participants with a wide range of topics, like Sergey Sharybin and Sebastian König talking about tracking and compositing in Blender, creating online apps using RealXtend by Toni Alatalo, lots of other talks regarding games […]

  • Brushing up skills: Blender 2.5 Character Animation Cookbook & Blender 2.5 HOTSHOT
    So, lots of coding behind me, and still a huge amount ahead of me. Fortunately with Studio Lumikuu we’re working on on an animation where I participate as artist too. So I think it’s useful to go through some educative material from other skilled and experienced people. I’ve now two books that I’m working through […]

  • Lumikuu Editor: realtime, collaborative text editing on top of Verse
    Since last week I’ve been working on Lumikuu Editor as a tool for our Studio Lumikuu. Lumikuu Editor is a text editor for real-time collaboration. It uses the Verse protocol for the networking part. For its GUI the fine library Allegro is used. The focus for the editor will be on the text and real-time […]

  • Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 12
    The second-last week. It’s been COLLADA-heavy, I’ve managed to fix the reported COLLADA-bugs as I mentioned I would in the previous report. Further I’ve worked on Blender profiles for COLLADA export, with the first one now in use for lamp export. Most of the Lamp struct variables are now being exported directly to COLLADA, and […]

  • Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 11
    Past week I’ve been working mostly on COLLADA-related issues. I have now created a script and a supporting empty.blend that can be used with the COLLADA Conformance Test Suite. These files can be found in Most tests should now run with the test suite, with the exception of animations, for which I haven’t yet […]

  • Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 10 ? The Real Week 10
    While searching what week past week was I noticed that we’re only in week 10. And that while I already wrote a status update for week 10! So actually I’ve been writing two weeks with the wrong week number. Oh, well. We’re still up and running, so nothing bad must have happened WELL! Last week […]

  • Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 10
    There, another week wrapped up. I put some time into building and testing Python 3.2 libraries for Blender on Windows. I had another go at building a static version of the Python 3.2 library, but again the problems it creates are more complicated than we need, so in the end I built normal libraries from […]

  • Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 9
    It’s been way too long since my previous update, so here finally a new update. So, what have I been doing all this time? Well, mostly I’ve been working on developer documentation. It’s been quite a boring task, and as some sort of poor excuse, it’s been uninviting enough to “forget” about the status reports. […]

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